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What is a Seller’s Advocate?

A Seller’s Advocate is an experienced independent person who works on behalf of the seller to manage and oversee the sale of their property. Sellers Advocates are there to keep real estate agents accountable

As your Seller’s Advocate, Locate Negotiate will select the most appropriate real estate agent to sell your property, and work with them throughout the entire sales campaign. Locate Negotiate will make sure your best interests are served every step of the way. They will be instrumental in negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf (i.e. commissions, marketing costs).

Locate Negotiate are not affiliated with any real estate agents and our fee is paid out of the existing sales agent commission, so our service costs you nothing.

Seller’s Advocates save you a great deal of time, and provides clients with peace of mind knowing they have their own dedicated and highly qualified advocate. Paying careful attention to every aspect of their clients property sale.

The team at Locate Negotiate simplifies the sales process by guiding you seamlessly throughout the entire marketing campaign giving you confidence in the knowledge that the sale of your property is in expert hands. Locate Negotiate will ensure that you get the best price for your property. Clients can now track progress every step of the way 24/7

Seller’s Advocacy Additional Services

Often there can be work required before a property can be presented to market. This is where we can step in and assist, with managing this process from initial recommendations, organising quotes to completing the task.

Residential Case Studies

PROPERTY: 44 Suffolk street Paddington NSW

SOLD: $2,200,000


Assist our client in all aspects of positioning their investment property to market. Undertake an independent assessment of the property and give recommendations on pre-sale presentation. Review and scrutinise the agent appraisals and then appoint the right agent for the job. In addition, manage the trades and work closely with all parties. Oversee the sale process, make the appointed agent accountable and work hard to get the best outcome.


There was pre-sale presentation work undertaken on the property which we managed. The property was marketed to go to Auction. After three weeks on the market there had been offers made on the property pre-auction. There was a push from the agent to accept the most recent offer as there were some concerns around the impacts of Covid-19 on the market. It was our recommendation to our client to hold firm and continue on the auction path. As a result, a further compelling offer was tabled, and we advised our client to accept the offer.

PROPERTY: 26 Alana Drive West, Pennant Hills NSW

SOLD: $1,880,000


Our clients had made the decision to sell their home and relocate to the Sutherland Shire. They liked the idea of having someone independent and experienced in their corner to oversee and manage the selling process. They wanted us to undertake our own research in regard to what the property is worth. This would give them a level of comfort when assessing the agent appraisals when they were submitted.


After reviewing the agent submissions, we appointed an agent who had achieved some good recent sales results for similar type properties in the area. There estimate on worth was accurate compared to the competing agents. We established the agent had potential buyers on their data base ready to go who missed out on other similar properties. We recommended to our clients to conduct a low-key approach before actively going live to market. The strategy was to try and flush out a good offer early. The plan B was to go live to market if things didn’t go to plan. Our clients agreed with the strategy and we instructed the appointed agent. The agent bought through a young family who made a solid offer upfront, we pushed the agent to work harder and as a result a compelling offer was submitted which the owners accepted.

PROPERTY: 26 Liberty Street, Enmore

SOLD: $1,550,000


Our clients were two busy professionals with a young family. They engaged our services to project manage the sale of their inner city property as they simply didn't have the time to interview, select and manage the agents. They wanted a trusted advisor they could lean on to navigate the right path and ultimately help them achieve the best possible outcome.


After interviewing three prominent agents and reviewing their appraisals, we appointed a selling agent with the approval of our client. We then presented the agent written instructions on how they were to communicate with us during their engagement. Clear lines of communication and strategy were key to ensure a successful outcome. The property was listed to go to Auction, however there was a strong offer made early by a prospective buyer. We advised the owners after consultation with the agent on how to manage the situation. We knocked back additional offers from the buyer initially. The buyer then made a very compelling offer which was somewhat above our clients expectations. Our clients were happy to accept the offer and contracts were then exchanged unconditionally.

SOLD: $2,075,000


We were engaged by our client to project manage the sale of their investment property in Darlinghurst. Before appointing a selling agent and going to market, we advised our client it would be beneficial from a market worth prospective if they obtained a strata approval (The property was one title only). The owners agreed with the advice and instructed us to progress forward and manage the approval process. The Approval process involved dealing with town planners, certifiers, builders, engineers, surveyors etc. After a lengthy process we obtained strata approval. Having this approval would allow a buyer the option to sell the property in one line or sell off the apartments individually. We advised our clients to sell the property in one line as we believed that there would be solid interest despite the market slow down. We proceeded forward and appointed a selling agent to auction the property. After a 4-week marketing program, the property was auctioned on-site.


Multiple registrations, competitive bidding which resulted in achieving $25,000 over the reserve price. Having a strata approval in place was the key factor in attracting potential buyers. We worked closely with the appointed agent as there were multiple questions raised about the conditional approval.

PROPERTY: 7 Judd St, Banksia

SOLD: $1,510,000


Our clients that were referred to us had a desire to move to Newcastle to be closer to family. Our clients engaged our services to assist in managing and overseeing the sale process of their family property. The property was newly renovated throughout. Our clients had high expectations on a selling price they wanted to achieve. The challenge was to come up with and plan to showcase the property to a larger than normal audience. Breaking new ground and achieving a price that was well above market expectations for the area was the goal. Our clients required a selling agent who was highly competent and embraced social media as a tool to attract large volumes of potential buyers.


Our clients put faith in our experience to vet potential agents and review their appraisal and marketing submissions. We then appointed a selling agent after consultation with our clients. We worked closely with the selling agent to ensure the marketing was delivering effective results and managing potential buyers correctly. The campaign delivered very high attendance levels which resulted in multiple interested parties. There was robust bidding on auction day which resulted in the property achieving a selling price substantially over the reserve price set by our clients.

PROPERTY: 57 Lombard Street, Glebe

SOLD: $2,195,000

We were recently appointed by the Eden family to project manage and facilitate the sale of their city dwelling in Glebe. Our clients previously had a less than memorable experience dealing with agents in the past. They lived in the country and logistically it was difficult for them to manage and deal with agents. They needed someone experienced to guide them through the process, appoint agents, manage the agent and advise them through the sales process. In addition, we assisted with cosmetic changes to the property and dealt with a variety of different professionals such as gardeners, painters, carpet layers, stylists etc. Presentation was paramount to achieve the best outcome.


After Three weeks of Marketing, the property sold pre- auction as a compelling offer was submitted. After consultation with the Agent and our clients, a decision was made not to go to auction and accept the offer with a two-week settlement.

PROPERTY: 32 Warrah Rd, Yowie Bay

SOLD: Price: $1,730,000

We were engaged to manage the sale of our clients’ family home. Our initial goal was to position the property to market asap as they had committed to buying another property. One of the key points we had to assess was if the property had any development potential as this could have a bearing on the properties worth. After consultation with a surveyor and architect we could determine the property didn’t have any development potential on the basis the frontage was to narrow. After interviewing and reviewing sales submissions from local agents we appointed an agent to act on behalf of our client. The property had a 4-week auction campaign. After 2 weeks, they received their first offer prior to auction. Our advice was to continue with the marketing program as the offer wasn’t compelling enough in our opinion. Continuing with the campaign, an offer was submitted from another potential buyer one week later. We then directed the agent to get the potential buyer to submit their best and final offer.


We achieved an offer which exceeded our clients’ expectations and the property was sold prior to auction. It was a great relief for the owners due to time restraints.

PROPERTY: Upper Coomera QLD

SOLD: Price: $345,500


We were engaged to project manage the sale of an investment property in Upper Coomera QLD. These clients were referred to us by a previous client of our business. Our client lived in Sydney and had little experience in selling property and what steps where involved in positioning to market.


Firstly, we advised out client on improvements to make to the property without over capitalising prior to being listed on the open market. This was important in our opinion and would impact on achieving a better price outcome then what the registered bank valuation they had received some months earlier. Once the improvement works were completed, we advised and made recommendations to our client on the most qualified agent, selection process, negotiates commissions, reviewed marketing, best method of sale etc.


The property presented immaculately and was listed to market. After 2 weeks, the owner received multiple offers on the property. The agent was suggesting the owner accept one of these offers. We advised the owner not to accept the initial offers, but to wait until the outcome of another scheduled inspection. The result was that there were 7 people making offers on their property. The end result is that the owner received three offers above the agents’ opinion on worth. We recommended to our client to accept the 2nd highest offer being $500 less, however their terms of a 10-day finance clause was more acceptable and the settlement was 21 days.

Commercial Case Studies


SOLD: Price: $1,800,000


We were appointed to manage the sale of an industrial warehouse. Our client was keen to sell the property but was busy with several other projects he had already committed to. Our client’s instructions were simple – engage the best person for the job, manage the sale process, report to them on a needs basis, and push the agent to achieve the best possible outcome.


We appointed an agent with the selling strategy to be an auction campaign. The campaign started well with a majority of the enquiry coming from owner occupiers. By the end of the campaign, the enquiry rate had dropped considerately however, an investor inspected the property late in the campaign and put forward an offer which was compelling.


We instructed the agent (after discussions with our client) that a deal was close to being agreed however, the offer needed to higher otherwise we would proceed to auction. Later that day a higher offer was submitted and contracts were exchanged.