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We were engaged by a valued client who we have a long history of working together. This client was appointed as the executor of an estate. Given their time constraints, they entrusted us with the responsibility of assessing the property, offering recommendations, appointing agents, and managing the entire process until the sale was successfully concluded.

Key Points

Throughout the marketing campaign, we worked closely with our client (the seller) and the appointed agent and attracted interest from several potential buyers. Among them, one buyer stood out, presenting a highly compelling offer. We advised our client to give serious consideration to this offer, as it far surpassed the others by a significant margin. Exhausting all other buyer possibilities, with our guidance, the agent secured an exceptional price and successfully sold the property unconditionally. Our close collaboration with the selling agent ensured a seamless transaction, and the entire process proceeded flawlessly. Ultimately, the achieved price set a benchmark for the area, reflecting the success of the transaction.

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