Commercial Tenant Representation


We represent commercial tenants across the retail, office and industrial space, ensuring agreements are on their terms. 100% independent, you can be assured that you will always only receive impartial advice from us.

Renewal: Renegotiate any unfair terms on your lease and assess moving forward with the tenancy. 

Negotiation: Get your money working harder. 

Site Selection: Benefit from our proprietary databases, personal networks and bespoke site modelling.

Disposal / Surplus Disposition: Assessment and resolution of underperforming premises.

Advisory: Ongoing consultation to help establish or improve leased or owned assets. 

Strategic Planning: Using proprietary methodology to advise Clients on current and future opportunities.  

Portfolio Administration: Consider us your outsourced property department.



Lease Renewal

 Don’t let your landlord have the upper hand during this critical time. Let us negotiate on your behalf – we have the experience and market knowledge to know what a favourable lease looks like and the confidence to negotiate it for you.

‘Stay vs Go’ Analysis

An imminent lease expiry can be the perfect time to assess your tenancy. Renewing and relocating both have pros and cons but you’ll never truly get the full picture unless you do an analysis of both. We conduct a full assessment of your tenancy, identifying your strategic business objectives, understanding your structure and culture, and learning about your growth plans for the future. Then, we make a recommendation.

Advisory / Consulting

A bird in hand…. Landlords are keen to lock in good tenants for as long as possible. If you are mid-lease, you might be in the driving seat to negotiate some more favourable lease conditions such as lower rent or building upgrades, in return for a lease extension. These sorts of negotiations benefit greatly from professional help.

Disposal and Surplus Disposition

Being based in the right location is crucial for attracting and retaining the right talent, keeping employee satisfaction high and making your business accessible. As with all property searches, success often lies in the shadows, with many deals being made off-market and via personal contacts. We have years of experience in this area, helping hundreds of commercial tenants find the perfect new office space for their growing business.


A straight-forward process 

Collect the Client’s brief to understand requirements, helping them identify and align strategic business, financial and operational objectives. Includes a ‘stay vs go’ strategy and analysis of their existing tenancy. 

Favourable lease terms 

Due diligence to ensure compliance standards and council requirements are met. Specialist advice and negotiation tactics to leverage your position in the market to your advantage, resulting in favourable rent and lease terms.   

Save time and money 

Our experienced team can negotiate the best deals on your behalf, with ease. We have no affiliations with agents or owners, and work completely independently.

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