44 Suffolk Street, Paddington NSW

Paddington 2


Assist our client in all aspects of positioning their investment property to market. Undertake an independent assessment of the property and give recommendations on pre-sale presentation. Review and scrutinise the agent appraisals and then appoint the right agent for the job. In addition, manage the trades and work closely with all parties. Oversee the sale process, make the appointed agent accountable and work hard to get the best outcome.

Key Points

There was pre-sale presentation work undertaken on the property which we managed. The property was marketed to go to Auction. After three weeks on the market there had been offers made on the property pre-auction. There was a push from the agent to accept the most recent offer as there were some concerns around the impacts of Covid-19 on the market. It was our recommendation to our client to hold firm and continue on the auction path. As a result, a further compelling offer was tabled, and we advised our client to accept the offer.