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We were engaged to project manage the sale of an investment property in Upper Coomera QLD. These clients were referred to us by a previous client of our business. Our client lived in Sydney and had little experience in selling property and what steps where involved in positioning to market.

Key Points

The property presented immaculately and was listed to market. After 2 weeks, the owner received multiple offers on the property. The agent was suggesting the owner accept one of these offers. We advised the owner not to accept the initial offers, but to wait until the outcome of another scheduled inspection. The result was that there were 7 people making offers on their property. The end result is that the owner received three offers above the agents’ opinion on worth. We recommended to our client to accept the 2nd highest offer being $500 less, however their terms of a 10-day finance clause was more acceptable and the settlement was 21 days.

We advised out client on improvements to make to the property without over capitalising prior to being listed on the open market. This was important in our opinion and would impact on achieving a better price outcome then what the registered bank valuation they had received some months earlier. Once the improvement works were completed, we advised and made recommendations to our client on the most qualified agent, selection process, negotiates commissions, reviewed marketing, best method of sale etc.