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Our clients approached us with specific requirements for a future move, downsizing from a large family home into a spacious and luxurious apartment. They had a list of key criteria, including above-average living area size, a sizable outdoor space, high-quality finishes, low maintenance living, an extra-large parking area to accommodate a gym, proximity to shops and transport, and pet-friendly amenities.

Key Points

Our search began in a large area of the Lower North Shore, considering various development projects that matched the client’s criteria. We evaluated each property, taking into account its size, amenities, and overall suitability. After careful consideration, we identified Linfield as the ideal suburb that met all the desired parameters.

During the extensive due diligence phase, we narrowed down the options to a development project in Linfield that fulfilled all the client’s requirements. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of recent sales data to assess the market conditions and property values in Linfield.

Through effective negotiation and thorough analysis, we secured a reduction in the asking price (initially fixed by the developer) while negotiating changes to the floorplan and additional feature upgrades.