In this episode, our industry leader John Gibson offers his invaluable insights with a comprehensive property market wrap. He explores the current state of the Sydney and regional markets, examines growth and decline trends across all capital cities, and discusses the challenges facing buyers today. Gibson expresses great optimism for the Sydney market, anticipating robust growth, especially if interest rates fall, which could significantly boost buyer sentiment. He also highlights the opportune moment in the commercial leasing space, with landlords offering very sharp deals.

Our special guest this month is none other than Ben Ross, a celebrated Rugby League player with an impressive 174 NRL matches under his belt. Ben has played for the Dragons, secured a premiership with the Panthers, and also represented the Sharks and South Sydney Rabbitohs. He proudly wore the Maroon of Queensland in State of Origin on six occasions. Ben’s journey is marked by immense mental and physical challenges, making his story of resilience and dedication truly inspiring. His extensive work for charity and community is well-documented.

Ben Ross is also deeply involved in the property domain, playing a significant role in his wealth creation strategy. Having known John Gibson for nearly 20 years, Ben has greatly benefited from John’s industry-leading advice. Prepare to be impressed by Ben Ross’s incredible journey and insights.

Enjoy this episode of “Talking Real Estate with John Gibson” with co-host Mark Warren and our special guest, Ben Ross.