Episode 9: John Quayle joins John Gibson

John Gibson is at the wheel talking Real Estate all areas with co-host Mark Warren. Gibson’s professional insights are sharp and on point, an absolute must listen for property investors. Gibson looks at average capital city growth over the last decade and how he sees the property market in twelve months from now. An area of great interest as we look at what the future holds for investors in no small way, returning expats and their role in the demand for property. One Million Australians live overseas, 500,000 of these expats have returned home and Gibson gives his professional opinion on what this means for the real estate market. So you’d like to become a property developer? An exciting venture no doubt but you need to listen to Gibson’s advice and checklist. Property developments – large or small – are not for the faint hearted without an exact game plan in place.

Our special guest John Quayle is one of the greatest administrators in the history of Australian sport! A mantle not given, but earned, across many years of fronting the biggest organisations and operations in the country. The former NSWRL/ARL boss-turn-Venues NSW deputy chair has seen it all. Quayle navigated Rugby League through some of the code’s most challenging years and then presided over the ‘best ever’ Olympics when Sydney hosted the games in 2000. We cover plenty of ground and know you’ll enjoy this incredible Australian no doubt ahead of his time. Amazing!

We know you’ll enjoy!

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