Talking Real Estate with John Gibson Episode Three features three time Olympian Damian Keogh now the CEO of the Hoyts Group. This podcast is an extraordinary insight into this amazing business leader and the challenges that big business are facing in 2021. Just fascinating to listen to Damian’s sporting principles that keeps his business message simple, quite brilliant actually. Keoghs’ personal journey into the Real Estate market and also a look at the commercial space and the many questions in that area namely, the office workplace Verses the home office. John Gibson also weighs into this space with some very well considered opinion and feedback which certainly shines light on this new workplace challenge.

We look at the transition from professional athlete to the corporate world. The hard work on the courts the lessons from sport the principles that apply to business in 2021 now more than ever. For Rugby League fans there’s a look back at a very special time for Damian Keogh as Chairman of the Cronulla Sharks. Culminating in that wonderfully thrilling ride in 2016, the adversity along the way and ultimately, The Sharks very first premiership. After interviewing Damian Keogh we are left with the conclusion his time as a three time Olympian and NBL Hall Of Famer and the lessons learnt may well of placed The Sharks in the winner’s circle. It all starts in the front office and Damian Keough was the man for the job. Finally they could turn out the lights!

Please enjoy Talking Real Estate with John Gibson and your co-host Mark Warren.