Talking Real Estate with Locate Negotiate Managing Director John Gibson and its access all areas, our industry leader with his co-host Mark Warren.

John has been clocking up the kilometres, his insights into the looming aerotropolis for the new Western Sydney Airport and Land Banking in the wild west. Gibson’s knowledge is on point and a must-listen.

Gibson takes a quick look at international markets namely the United States, Russia & China; a fascinating look at the overseas markets.

Back on local shores, Australia’s real estate mark remains astonishingly to conventional predictions. Lower listings appear to be playing a major role against additional downward pressure.

A somewhat inevitable ‘mortgage cliff’ for some owners and investors we get Gibson’s expert opinion.

We look at commercial leasing and what is required by employers to get more workers back into the office in this new climate.

Finally, John and Mark look at buying off-plan, again Gibson’s expertise and knowledge gives great free of charge advice. If buying a new apartment buyers and investors need John Gibson’s Locate Negotiate on their team.

Enjoy Talking Real Estate with John Gibson.