Locate Negotiates John Gibson is off to Queensland (as we drop) to get his feet on the ground and get a real feel for the Queensland market, it’s fast paced and demand is high. We look at the devastating floods in Northern NSW and Brisbane areas and just what impact the floods will have on property prices in those markets.

Potential interest rate rises are still in the news and now a war on top yet Gibson says the market remains strong and resilient and he’s never been busier although he has real concerns for building companies in certain areas. As always, we have John’s market wrap to help keep our listeners in front of the game. Sydney’s population is predicted to hit 1.7 million by 2036 and Greater Western Sydney is tipped to absorb two thirds of that growth; we have the areas to watch. On a lighter note, John looks at Gustave Eiffel and a segway to Thomas Edison! As well a few light-hearted memories from Gibson’s early days in Real Estate.

Our special guest is an absolute showstopper – enter Ms Erin Molan. An extremely quirky sense of humour, give an inch she could take a yard. Respectfully somewhat flamboyant, polarising and extremely funny. A master of self-deprecating humour.

A talented journalist of nearly 20 years now, born in Canberra and raised in Jakarta Indonesia, Molan attended sixteen different schools with her parents very much on the move, supporting of her father’s stellar career in the Australian Army. The daughter of a major general now Senator and great Australian, Senator Jim Molan.

Erin cut her media teeth in community television before landing at WIN Television Wollongong. Fast forward, now its brekky radio on Today FM’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin, a Sky News contributor and Daily Telegraph Columnist. Molan spent 11 years as a news anchor and sports presenter with Nine, very much a main stay with the WWOS team, Rugby League, tennis, netball and even anchored some boxing as well, versatile an understatement. The first woman to host The Footy Show, so very much a pioneer of types. Erin crash tackled her way into the Continuous Call Teams commentary box at 2GB and networked stations around Australia and again her creativity and humour took centre stage.

On a most serious note, Molan is extremely passionate about online safety, campaigning for new laws to protect Australians from disgusting trolls and those new laws were introduced into Parliament just last year.

First and foremost, though, Erin is a working Mum to young Eliza!